10 Must Use Royal Enfield Himalayan Bike Accessories

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is one of the most popular adventure touring motorcycles in India.

While the bike comes loaded for off-road riding, adding some aftermarket accessories can greatly enhance its capabilities and comfort.

Here are 10 must-have accessories for the Royal Enfield Himalayan:

1. Engine Guard

An engine guard or crash guard is an essential protection accessory. It prevents direct damage to the engine and chassis in case of falls. Made of steel or aluminum, it absorbs impacts that would otherwise damage the bike’s critical systems.

2. Skid Plate

A skid plate or bash plate bolts to the underside of the motorcycle to shield the exhaust and lower engine parts from impacts and debris spray on challenging terrain. This underneath protector prevents dents and cracks from rocks and obstacles.

3. Radiator Guard

The radiator guard is a metal mesh cover that mounts over the front of the radiator. It prevents stone chips and debris from damaging the delicate cooling fins. This is crucial for protecting the radiator on rocky trails.

4. Knee Pads

Special knee pads designed for motorcycles attach to the tank with non-slip rubber. These allow better grip and control with knees while standing on the foot pegs. The pads protect the paint from boot scratches.

5. Windscreen

A tall windscreen attachment increases wind protection and riding comfort on highway stretches. Tinted windscreens that mount on existing hardware look great and give essential wind coverage.

6. GPS Navigation

For adventure touring, a motorcycle-specific GPS unit with weatherproof mount is invaluable. Rugged off-road focused navigation helps locate camping spots, find points of interest, and stay on track.

7. Soft Panniers

Soft luggage panniers that strap to the rear carrier and seat allow easy packing for multi-day trips. With roll-top waterproof panniers, storage capacity increases without permanently altering the bike’s look.

8. Safety LED Lights

Auxiliary LED lights provide increased visibility for night riding. LED pods mount to crash bars or handlebars. High-intensity LEDs improve trail vision and help you get noticed on highways.

9. Phone Mount

Waterproof phone mounts allow easy access to navigation apps. Handlebar mounts keep your phone visible at all times, even off-road. Some also provide charging capabilities.

10. Compact Tool Kit

A custom toolkit secures neatly on the bike to perform trailside repairs. These include mini tire irons, pliers, hex keys, plug patch kit, Zip ties, and compact pump with gauge. Be prepared for any mechanical!

Summing Up

With powerful touring capability and legendary thump, the Royal Enfield Himalayan transformed adventure biking.

These 10 accessories maximize its potential for off-road exploration or long-distance touring. Protect critical components, carry needed gear, improve visibility and control to fully unlock the Himalayan’s adventurous soul.

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